Internet Slots Tournaments

Internet Slots Tournaments

When it comes to tournaments involving online slot machines, the options to choose from are endless. Almost every internet casino that includes slot machines offers online slot tournaments, either as a permanent fixture or as a special event.

As slot machines are by nature a rather solitary way of betting, the internet casinos have come up with a clever solution to enable multiple players to partake in slot machine tournaments. In an online slot tournament a number of slot machines hosted by the participating internet casino are nominated as part of the tournament. A timeframe - varying between a few hours, one day, one week and up to one month - is then set to designate the duration of the tournament.

For the period of an online slot tournament the players registered for the tournament play on the designated slot machines in a bid to reach the top of the score board. Some online slots tournaments determine the winner by the winnings obtained at the designated machines, others reward the player who has wagered the most money on certain slot machines during the tournament period. Often online casinos will allow what is known as a 'rebuy' - meaning registered players are allowed to purchase additional credits when they run out of the credits they received when they signed up for the tournament. In cases of tournaments with strict time limits, players can be permitted to literally buy themselves more time on the slot machines.

To enter into an online slot machine tournament a player usually has to pay an entry fee, which can vary depending on the level of play and the value of the prizes on offered. Once a registered competitor in the tournament, the player is commonly given a small number of starting credits, which s/he then has to multiply to reach to top of the score board. There are also tournament that to do not recover an entry free, known as Freeroll events.

However, they are not advertised as 'tournaments' per se, as the lack of an entry fee exempts them from this category. Still, freeroll events are one of the best chances to win big on online slot machines.

The prizes for winning an online slot machine tournament vary as widely as the slot machines on offer. Some of the tournaments may offer a progressive jackpot that comes through at the end of the designated tournament time, made up from offerings from the internet casino and the stakes of the participating players. Other tournaments promise not money but prizes like cars, holidays or free playing at the hosting internet casino. The usual rule is that the bigger the online slot tournament the bigger the prize, no matter what it might be.

For fans of the online slot machines who do not have the time to spend weeks partaking in massive, international slot tournaments the internet casino community has come up with a nifty solution - the Sit'N'Go Slots Tournament.

These types of tournaments allow five players to enter into a five minute microgaming tournament for a small entry fee between £2 and £25. Usually the top two players will walk away from this fast and furious contest with prizes.

Check out the online slot tournament offers at our selected internet casinos.

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All Slots Casino, as you would expect from the name, is home to over 100 different types of Online Slot Machines. You can virtually spend hours checking out the different designs and themes without ever repeating yourself or getting bored. Wagering amounts vary from 0.1 credits to 200 credits - depending on how comfortable you feel in this medium. All Slots Casino lives up to its name and covers all bases, from progressive jackpot online slot machines over internet slot machine tournaments to a dazzling array of three and five reel online slots.

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At UK Casino Club, in keeping with the great British tradition of playing slot machines, you can chose between 183 varieties of online video slot machines and 69 classic internet slot machines - that is over 200 individual online slot machines at your disposal. In fact, UK Casino Club knows that if you love to play internet slots you will love their online slots tournaments. Whether you opt for a quick Sit'N'Go Tournament or plan to take part in a bigger scheduled online slot machine tournament, UK Casino Club has the right options for you.

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Spin Palace Casino likes spins it like a champion with their broad choice of online slot machines. At this internet casino you can take you pick from 66 different classic slots or 195 online video slots. With such a wide variety it is no surprise that Spin Palace Casino also offers tournaments. Currently there are four machines available for scheduled tournaments offering jackpots of up to £20,000. The Sit'N'Go tournaments at Spin Palace can cost between £2 and £20 to enter and offer decent prize pools for the participating players.