Online Slots VS Fruit Machines

Online Slots VS Fruit Machines

At first sight internet slot machines and online fruit machines can appear like the same game - both games involve spinning symbols and a number of winning combinations, both games are played in a similar fashion. However, there are a number of subtle differences between these two classic favourites amongst online casino games.

The most obvious distinction between internet fruit machines and online slot machines is visual. As the name suggests, Fruit Machines feature images of a variety of fruits on their reels which then form the winning patterns. Slot Machines, especially the enormously diverse online version of the game, can feature virtually any type of image - from Cartoon themed machines to slots modelled on cult films. Because of this difference, online fruit machines are considered a somewhat retro appearance on the internet casino scene. While this could cause them to blanche next to their outrageous freewheeling cousin, the online slot machine, it is in fact working in their advantage, setting them apart as the internet gaming option for the slightly nostalgic or very hip new-retro fans.

However, looks aside, there is also a difference in the way the online fruit machines operate in comparison to the internet slots.

There is for example in every online fruit machine a symbol which activates a bonus game within the game - which can result in the player winning literally 1000 times the amount he was originally playing for. While the bonus games' details vary from fruit machine to fruit machine all of them offer you winnings beyond your wildest dreams.

Then there are the excellent features of the Hold Button and the Nudge Button. These buttons make it possible to develop an actual strategy when playing internet fruit machines.

The Hold Button is an ingenious feature that allows you to maximise your chances during a spin. It enables you to hold two of the three reels still while you continue to spin one of them. This means you can hold on to two symbols which already match up and play for the chance of getting the third symbol right as well. This advantage definitely sets the online fruit machine apart from the internet slot machine, which does not include this feature.

Using the Nudge Button allows you to move one reel only a tiny bit, as opposed to giving it a whole big spin. This means when an advantageous symbol is in sight you can actually attempt to 'nudge' the symbol along and hopefully align it with the rest of the reels.

There are advantages to both the online slot machines and the internet fruit machines - the former for example can feature a larger number of reels than the fruit machines. This means there is a higher chance of getting a partial combinations which pays off - something which is less likely to occur on the mainly 3-Reel and occasionally 5-Reel fruit machines.

Considering the differences between the two games explain how the online fruit machine has managed to survive in the technicolour world of the internet slots. Fruit machines are not only a visually stimulating blast from the past but also a great way to re-introduce a system into your online spinning sessions.

Check out our recommended internet casinos for playing online fruit machines to find out which machine will make your head spin. No matter what your choice, you are guaranteed to have a rollicking time in your online casino of choice.