3 Reel Internet Slots

3 reel slots were the first kind of slots ever made, starting as simple fruit machines before technological advances led to bonus 3 reel slots, themed slots, 5 reel slots, and video slots. While all 3 reel slots used to be mechanical, most are now either video slots at clubs or online slots that can be played at an Internet casino.

Originally, 3 reel slots were extremely limited due to the nature of their manufacture. With 10 symbols per reel and only 3 reels, only a maximum of 1,000 combinations was possible on early slots games. Such a small number of probabilities kept payouts on 3 reel slots quite small, as the maximum payout could realistically be no more than a couple of hundred times the bet.

Thankfully, video slots held the answer to this problem. Removing the physical limitations on the number of symbols that could be used on a reel meant that much longer probabilities became possible on 3 reel slots. This led to 3 reel slots with massive payouts, as the maximum number of probabilities a modern 3 reel slot machine can have is incredibly high. Forget 1,000 combinations – computerized slots are capable of more than 10 million combinations if that’s what the designer wishes, which allows for jackpots worth millions of times the bet made.

While all 3 reel slots used to be mechanical, most are now either video slots in clubs or online slots that can be played at an Internet casino.

These days, you can play the best 3 reel slots at an Internet casino. Some of these are attached to special progressive jackpots, which are triggered by the rarest combinations coming up on the reels. The prize pool increases as people play 3 reel slot machines that are attached to the jackpot pool, and jackpots can reach millions of dollars if not triggered for a long time.

If you are interested in trying your hand at some fun 3 reel slots, then check out one of the casinos we feature on this site.

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All Slots Casino, as you would expect from the name, is home to over 100 different types of Online Slot Machines. You can virtually spend hours checking out the different designs and themes without ever repeating yourself or getting bored. Wagering amounts vary from 0.1 credits to 200 credits - depending on how comfortable you feel in this medium. All Slots Casino lives up to its name and covers all bases, from progressive jackpot online slot machines over internet slot machine tournaments to a dazzling array of three and five reel online slots.

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If you are looking for a choice of over 100 online slot machines - be it classic online slots or video slots - Golden Palace will provide you with more than enough options to have a great time playing internet slot machines. An impressive number of either variety of internet slot machines are offering progressive jackpots - including Diamond Valley and Gold Rally online video slots and classic internet slot machines like Magic Slots and Safecracker.

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Europa Casino offers over 100 different internet slot machines, both classic online slot machines and online video slot machines. Starting at classic single line online slot machines and building up to internet video slots ranging from Video 5 Line to Video 50 Line online slots, there is an online slot machine for everyone. With old favourites like the Funky Money or the Tres Amigos 2-bet Max Slots, you can experience nostalgic moments playing the online slots - unless you prefer to go with the times with something like the Blade-themed Video 20 Line internet slot machine.

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At Bodog Casino a variety of over 680 internet slot machines are on offer, ranging from basic classics to online video slot machines. Some of the most colourful online slot machines available on the internet can be found at Bodog Casino; and some of them, like Crazy Dragon, are even awarding progressive jackpots to enthusiastic internet slots machine players. Bodog Casino is also home to a number of outrageous Fruit Machines you might want to check out if you like to play internet slot machines.

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At UK Casino Club, in keeping with the great British tradition of playing slot machines, you can chose between 183 varieties of online video slot machines and 69 classic internet slot machines - that is over 200 individual online slot machines at your disposal. In fact, UK Casino Club knows that if you love to play internet slots you will love their online slots tournaments. Whether you opt for a quick Sit'N'Go Tournament or plan to take part in a bigger scheduled online slot machine tournament, UK Casino Club has the right options for you.

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