Internet Fruit Machines

Fruit machines, which also used to be known as AWP (Amusement With Prizes), are a variety of slot machines which originate and are still very popular in the United Kingdom. Interestingly fruit machines are rarely found on actual casinos; they are much more likely to reside in arcades, pubs and clubs.

Fruit machines, as you may have guessed, take their name from the frequent display of images of fruit on the reels of the machines. As the world of slot machines and their visual image is changing rapidly, fruit machines are now considered as fashionably retro.

The aim of a game at a fruit machine is no different from playing the slots. To get a pay-off a number of symbols need to come to a stop on the screen in a particular order. As a player you place your bet and press the spin button. Depending on the combination of fruity images appearing on the screen when the machine comes to a halt your pay-out will be determined. Most fruit machines will provide a legend explaining the relationship between the icon combinations and the amount being paid out.

As online casinos are becoming increasingly popular, the fruit machine seems to be experiencing a revival. Many gambling aficionados chose a quick game on online fruit machines to unwind after work or during their lunch break, and as a consequence new designs and varieties of fruit machines are appearing in most renowned internet casinos. The game is so easy that everyone can play it immediately and is a continuous hit with internet casino patrons.

As the world of slot machines and their visual image is changing rapidly, fruit machines are now considered as fashionably retro.

Considering the huge variety of regular slot machines, video slot machines and online poker machines flooding online gambling outlets, it is a huge testament to the appeal of the fruit machine that it has not been flushed out by its fancy cousins often featuring popular themes. It is the mixture of the old school appeal of the fruit machine and the subtle differences between slot machines and fruit machines that has kept players interested.

If you would like to give fruit machines a go, visit one of our selected online casinos for some of the funkiest fruit machines on the internet.

Casino How many Fruit Machines does this casino have? What is their Minimum Bet? What is their Maximum Bet? Do they have Tournaments? Get Started
10+ £0.10 £10 Slots yes - Fruit Machines no Play Now!Read Review

Considering All Slots Casino is the top address for internet slot machine fun, it comes as no surprise that this online casino offers an entire section dedicated to internet fruit machines. For purists All Slots Casino offers nine classic three reel internet fruit machines, featuring favourites like Cops&Robbers and Pub Fruity. For those seeking even bigger thrills, the video slot section holds a number of fruity treasures, including the five-reel Fruit Fiesta. If you want to play internet fruit machines and be spoilt for choice, All Slots Casino is the place to go.

1+ £0.25 £125 Yes Play Now!Read Review

Nostalgic lovers of the Internet Fruit Machine will love the spin Golden Palace Casino puts on this popular fixture in online casinos. Fruit Mania, Golden Palace's feature online fruit machine, brings you the classic, fruity look you love with the crystal clear graphics of top online video slot machine technology. Fruitmania - a five reel, five line internet fruit machine - offers a progressive jackpot that will see your winnings soar.

3+ £0.25 £125 Slots yes - Fruit Machines no Play Now!Read Review

Let your day be brightened by Bodog's most outrageous splash of colour: Fruit Frenzy. This super-fun internet fruit machine is the height of retro chic, so irrevocably cool that not even Bodog Casino, which usually prefers classic elegance in terms of design, could resist putting it on the menu. This five-reel online fruit machine offers enough options to satisfy the seasoned bettor as well as slowly introduce the novice to the workings of the internet fruit machine. Fans who prefer to play an online fruit machine which is slightly twisted will enjoy Freaky Fruits, another internet fruit machine option at Bodog.

15+ £0.10 £10 Yes Play Now!Read Review

With a staggering choice of fifteen different classic internet fruit machines, UK Casino Club leads the way when it comes to online fruit machine options. From old favourites like Million Dollar Gran and Bingo Bango Boom, to noveau-retro options like You Lucky Bastard and Treasure Ireland - the internet fruit machine selection of this online casino leaves nothing to be desired. With such a staggering amount of choice, UK Casino Club's online fruit machine section offers hours of first-rate entertainment.

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