Internet Craps

Craps is a lot of fun once you understand the basics. It may seem to be complex when you watch it at a live casino, but you can quickly get the hang of craps if you learn about the Pass Line bet, and then play at an Internet casino.

At an Internet casino, the game is played on a simulated craps table. Instead of real dice, a certified random number generator is used to supply results within the normal variance that a pair of dice would generate. This means that 7 is still the most likely number to come up in any given roll. Instead of having the dealers place bets for you like you would for many bets in live craps, you can simply make all the bets yourself when playing at an Internet casino. Once you’re happy with the bets you’ve placed, you can press the roll button and the virtual dice will be rolled.

To understand craps, you first need to learn how the Pass Line bet works. This is the central bet in craps and can only be made just prior to what is known as a come out roll, which is the first roll after a previous Pass Line bet has been settled. On the come out roll, the Pass Line bet is on:

  • Rolling a 7 or 11 to win
  • Rolling a 2, 3 or 12 to lose

If those results occur, that Pass Line round is resolved and there will be a new come out roll. Otherwise, the number that was rolled is established as the point. The Pass Line bet is now on:

  • Rolling the point again to win
  • Losing if a 7 comes up before the point is rolled again

You will need to continue to roll the dice until you hit the point, or a 7 is rolled. Once either has occurred, the current Pass Line bet is resolved, and a new come out roll will be made after your new Pass Line bets have been placed.

When playing online craps, instead of real dice, a certified random number generator is used to supply results within the normal variance that a pair of dice would generate.

There are many other bets to be made in craps, including the opposite to the Pass Line – the Don’t Pass bet. Simply knowing how the Pass Line bet works is enough to get a start playing craps, however. Be sure to come back for a more extensive guide to all the craps strategy bets once you are comfortable with the Pass Line bet.

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Shoot some dice online in a classic table game of internet Vegas Craps and get swept up in the excitement of a real casino atmosphere. With the realistic table graphics and the ambient casino noise you can chose to listen to, All Slots creates a scene around your game of online craps that will have you want for nothing.
UK Casino Club offer the same deal when it comes to Internet Craps; they are listed below, so take your pick!

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Europa Casino offers a very pretty internet craps experience, immaculately designed to convey the flair of a high-class real life games room. It provides you with a comprehensive 'game history' option, which you can use to track your game progress as you are playing internet craps. The lay-out of the table is so clear and simple, even as absolute beginner will be able to play online craps without a problem. For a stylish and easy game of internet craps, Europa Casino is the perfect choice.

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Along with a wonderful 3D internet craps table, Bodog also offers the most comprehensive online craps tutorial available online. Their concise and relevant guide to becoming a true craps champion can be a great help to lift your game further or aid you as you are just starting out as an internet craps player. To make your game of online craps even easier Bodog allows you to adjust the speed of play at the table, as well as several sound options to find the ambience that is perfect for you.

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