90 Ball UK Bingo

90-Ball UK Bingo is the less known variety of the ever-entertaining game of Bingo. It is the European cousin of the United States born 75-Ball Bingo, and is vastly popular in the United Kingdom and has also made its mark on the Australian Bingo scene. Although the 75-Ball version of the game is still more wide-spread in online bingo rooms, 90-Ball Bingo is definitely on the rise and just as much fun to play.

A 90-Ball Bingo card looks very different from the 75-Ball card. It is divided into 27 squares by a three-by-nine grid. The squares are assigned numbers between 1 and 90. The first row of three contains random numbers between 1 and 9, the second numbers from 10 to 19 and so on - however, the last row can contain numbers from 80 to 90 giving it the option of an extra number coming up. It is important to know that no all squares are assigned a number. Each horizontal row contains five numbers and four blank spaces. It is possible to have a vertical row containing three numbers, however it is very rare.

There are three ways of winning a game of 90-Ball Bingo:

  1. Mark off all five numbers in a horizontal row.
  2. Marking of any two rows (horizontal and vertical) on one card.
  3. Marking off all fifteen numbers on a ticket.

The calling method is the same as in 75-Ball Bingo. The announcer - virtual or in real life - calls out the numbers and the players mark the off on their bingo cards. At online bingo rooms the player can chose to activate the 'auto-dab' feature, which automatically marks the numbers off the players' various tickets. As you can play far more than one bingo card at a time, this feature is particularly useful for inexperienced players. Especially as 90-Ball Bingo is an even faster game than 75-Ball Bingo. Interestingly a round of 90-Ball Bingo takes twice as much time as a round of the other variety, making it longer lasting entertainment with multiple chances of winning.

Games of 90-Ball Bingo offer a range of prizes. Some games are offering a fixed prize, others allow you to enter the running for a progressive jackpot (however, most jackpots are linked to a cover-all win, which means that you have to mark off all numbers on your bingo card).

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Party Bingo is part of the Party Casino franchise, specialised in providing players with the most exciting ways to play Internet Bingo available. This is simply a wonderful way to enjoy a game of online bingo. With both varieties - 90-Ball and 75-Ball - available, Party Bingo is a great place to find your favourite mode of internet bingo. Whether you chose to enter one of the regular tournaments or want to play on your own in the Instant Bingo section, Party Bingo will indeed bring the party to wherever you are.

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Golden Palace offers an extremely fun 90-Ball Bingo option, which is a great way to acquaint yourself with this popular game. Pop Bingo is bright and colourful, coupled with hilarious sound effects and incredibly easy to use. As a beginner you may wish to take advantage of the very low minimum bet; practised players will be pleased to see that there are some excellent pay-offs in this variation of internet bingo for a skilled participant. This game is also available at William Hill and Europa Casino, who are both listed below.

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