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Meet the Team

Cathy Morgan

Ever since she watched Robert DeNiro testing floorboards and counting cards in Casino Cathy has been absolutely fascinated by what she calls "the science of gambling". When someone in the office gets stuck on a particularly intricate rule concerning Three Card Poker, Pai Gow or Red Dog, Stud Poker and the Hi or Lo versions of all of the above, Cathy is the woman to go to. When she isn't checking out the newest games at our featured online casinos, Cathy takes her own personal gamble as a passionate rock climber.

Mike O'Leary

Mike is a huge fan of the freebie - if there is a free giveaway of something, anything, you can count on Mike being first in line. Ideally, this makes him the perfect guy to chase down the best and most rewarding bonuses at our selected online casinos. Well-versed in the internet casinos' offers of free bets and supplementary deposits, Mike can tell you exactly which offers are worth your while and which ones you should rather ignore. Being a private man, Mike refuses to tell us what he does in his spare time - but we reckon he prowls jumble sales looking for more bargains.

Derek Harrison

You know the kind of guy who sits in the corner listening to everyone argue and at the very end, very quietly makes sense of whatever the topic of discussion might be? That describes our tech-wiz Derek to a T. Derek makes sure that we don't recommend casinos with faulty software or outrageous loading times; as well as keeping our own site snazzy and running. He also has a penchant for outrageously gruesome graphic novels and owns two small cats.

Philip Rogers

Every office needs someone who knows what's going on at all times, which is exactly why we keep Philip around. Philip manages Internetcasinos.co.uk, keeps the rest of us in line, sorts out our connections with our favourite casinos, checks that our visitors always have the freshest news and most detailed information available.... in other words: whatever we don't manage to do, Philip does. At the rare times when Philip is not in the office, he spends time with his family as close to the water as possible.